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Rabbit Valley Comics - Your source for Furry and Fantasy Comics Spooo #5 - Mark Wulfgar's The Legacy of Celune's Werewolves Spooo #5 - Mark Wulfgar's The Souls of the Past Spooo #6 - Trejaan & Werepuppy Rocketship Rodents & Professor Chronofur Spooo 4 - Chris McKinnley's Coyote River Spooo #3 - Kaputt - Service With A Smile Spooo #3 - Quel & Josef Katz The Big Bad Wolf Club Spooo #2 - Trejaan & Werepuppy's Professor Chronofur Spooo #2 - Trejaan & Werepuppy's Rocketship Rodents Spooo #1 - Chris McKinnley's Coyote River

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