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Rabbit Valley is handling pre-orders for Spooo presents. For a limited time only you can pre-order Spooo 10-14 and Circles 7 in a convenient pre-order pack. Preordering Spooo Presents 10-14 and Ccircles 7 will be only available for a limited time and can be only preordered as a pack for now. Preorders of the comic will be sent off after July 5th. After July 15th you can order comics individually. Thanks for your patience and support

  • Spooo Presents #14 - Legacy of Celune's Werewolves and Souls of the Past Part 3 - Art by Mark Wulfgar, Story by Mark Wulfgar and Tredain
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For those that don't know Spooo is Anthropomorphic "furry" anthology that uses indepenent artist and writers to build stories around fantastic and exotic worlds. That can be bought either on-line or fine comic book dealers world wide. For those that are looking to submit please feel free to contact the editor about how to get your amazing work in our publications!.

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