Spooo General Information


What the heck is Spooo?

Spooo is the creamy.... Oh wait you are talking about the comic book. Spooo is an upcoming anthology comic book published by Rabbit Valley Artists Cooperative Association The comic will present stories and images from hot or upcoming artists!

So the content what will it be like?

The comic will be adult stories and settings covering all aspects of the Anthromophic "Furry" fandom. For ideas we prefer short 1 to 3 part comic stories over long comics because then more chances of stories in each issue and we don't have to hold parts of Spooo back over time for our readers.

Will Spooo have a theme?

At this point the theme is adult nature stories. We may produce themed issues (Macro, Transformation, etc) based on reader AND artist response. But in general it is plan to cover fantasy, sci-fi, gothic, super hero themed stories. We want to cover it all.

What will the quality of the art?

Our goal is to make the best quality Spooo. So our yardstick is our Spooo comic needs to meet and exceed other anthology books published throughout the years. We will also enforce a policy that no image in Spooo is in print or in other media. We don't like old Spooo as much as you our readers like it. We like hot new Spooo!

Who will be the artists in there?

We won't release artist names until we are sure that the artist's art is used in that comic. We want to be flexible!

General Questions about Spooo