Spooo is an adult anthology comic series published by Rabbit Valley® Comics containing stories by premier artists and authors in the furry fandom. Current issues of Spooo can be purchased here.

Information about each Spooo title can be found at the Spooo Gallery.

For the most current up to date information about Spooo please check the Spooo FAQ

Spooo requires help if it is going to be released. We have many exciting positions that need to be filled. There are currently openings in web support and comic submissions. We expect that web supports will help provide advertising, design, and web comics for the Spooo cause. For those interested in providing Spooo content please check out our Spooo FAQ. If you want to contribute to the web site or the comic itself, please contact the Spooo staff.

Spooo, It's not just for breakfast anymore.

Just what is this ‘Spooo’ anyway?