Spooo FAQ


Do you have any set artists for Spooo?

As stated before we don't have set artists for the publication we are going to announce them shortly before the issue is publish so that it is less pressure on the artists and ensure we can meet our publication goals.

Hey I'm an artist can I do some Spooo?

We are looking and accepting artists who want to produce quality Spooo. For more details on how you can Spooo for us just contact us by using the information listed below.

Even if I never draw in Spooo or any other comic before?

Like everyone else, you will just have to show pencils and the finished product - if you meet our standards you can be in Spooo! It's important to say again - we will approve no art to be in Spooo until it's ready. But we are willing and able to try new talent out for the comic, if it meets the Spooo editor's standards.

Great if I want to draw for Spooo how much control of the content?

All submissions must go through the editors. If the editors reject or request changes - you can either make the changes as suggested or use it for some other publication (or web).

Can I have violence in my story?

Well this is an adult comic. If the characters are violent they are violent. If swords cut off an arm, you can show it spewing blood as it falls off. We won't ask you to hide the violence if the story gets accepted but we are looking more for stories that may have more erotic overtones.

What about sexual relationships?

This is not kindergarten it's anthromorphic real life - If your characters in the comics are heterosexual, fine. If the characters are bi sexual, that's great. If the characters are gay, good for them! All of them is fine.

My comic has a homosexual tones will it be published in Spooo?

The comic does not discriminate on sexual preference so we will accept well written and drawn homosexual stories.

My comic has a heterosexual tones will it be published in Spooo?

The comic does not discriminate on sexual preference so we will accept well written and drawn stories.

And what happens if the characters get horny?

Well you know nudity is bad we want you to cover all the.... What are we saying!!! Look a name like Spooo implies bodily liquids spewing out. So if your character is in a sexual erotic situation draw it ANY way you please, it's a fantasy anthromorphic erotic adult comic GO FOR IT.

I want to draw some Spooo but I have no stories?

The editors of Spooo can either suggest you ideas, write a story for you with your help, or get you in contact with a writer that can work with you to make the ultimate Spooo story every.

But I really don't want to draw a comic but I want to be in it?

1 to 2 page pin ups are acceptable for the comic (especially if they match the comic theme). Plus it helps out the comic editor when the comic gets put together and the editor find out it's short 2 or 3 pages.

Great I want to write this 3 part 36 page comic story for Spooo?

That is cool. But before you get going remember two IMPORTANT things

Spooo holds the rights to reject a story. Just because an idea is cool if it isn't done right and meeting the standards of the readers we will be force to reject it.

Spooo requires the full comic to be done. So you will have to have the full 3 parts done. We don't want to hold the public back. We want to make sure they get the story in shortest time possible. Not wait 2 years to read the story. This also ensures that the full story meets our stands not just the first part.

This sounds cool so far if I draw in Spooo would I get paid?

Of course you would get paid. Who would want to Spooo for free? Doesn't everyone want to get paid for Spooo! For more details on payment please contact the Spooo staff.

Hey I just want to do a cover?

Covers are fine too. We are looking for cover artists too! Please contact us about that if you want to do that too!